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  • Fergusson, Norman H. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1961)
    It is claimed that education is everybody’s business. Whether or not this is so is not a question of concern in this thesis. What is of concern is whether or not “statements of fact” and opinions are based on factual ...

  • Sarty, Roberta E. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1960)
    In this study I propose to give an historical outline of early educational conditions in Lunenburg County. After describing the efforts of the first teachers, missionaries sponsored by the Society for the Propagation of ...

  • Conrad, Arthur Thomas (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1960)
    Abstract unavailable.

  • Burns, Terrence (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1962)
    The purpose of this thesis is to study the Catholic schools of the city from their origin to the beginning of the free schools. We shall place particular importance upon the special circumstances surrounding the establishment ...

  • Lynch, John E. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1966)
    It is to examine the part these studies played in the growth of the present high school curriculum that this thesis is written. One of the basic responsibilities of the educational system is that of providing a curriculum ...

  • Earle, John A. (Halifax, N.S. : Saint Mary's University, 1960)
    Abstract unavailable.