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  • Sarty, Adam James, 1965-; Kirkpatrick, J. M.; Sparveris, N. F.; Nakagawa, I.; Bernstein, A. M.; Alarcon, R.; Bertozzi, W.; Botto, T.; Bourgeois, P.; Calarco, J. (American Physical Society, 2011-08-26)
    We report precision [superscript 1]H(e,e'[pi][superscript +])n measurements in the [delta](1232) resonance at Q[superscript 2] = 0.127(GeV/c)[superscript 2] obtained at the MIT-Bates out-of-plane scattering facility. These ...

  • Butler, Malcolm; Chen, Jiunn-Wei; Kong, Xinwei (American Physical Society, 2001-03)
    We study the four channels associated with neutrino-deuteron breakup reactions at next-to-next-to-leading order in effective field theory. We find that the total cross section is indeed converging for neutrino energies up ...

  • Butler, Malcolm; Chen, Jiunn-Wei (Elsevier Science, 2001-11)
    The proton–proton fusion process pp [right arrow] de[superscript +] v[subscript e] is calculated at threshold to fifth order in pionless effective field theory. There are two unknown two-body currents contributing at the ...

  • Schumann, S.; Otte, P. B.; Akondi, C. S.; Annand, J. R. M.; Arends, H.-J.; Beck, R.; Bernstein, A. M.; Borisov, N.; Braghieri, A.; Briscoe, W. J.; Cherepnya, S.; Collicott, Cristina; Costanza, S.; Downie, E. J.; Dieterle, M.; Fernández-Ramírez, C.; Fix, A.; Fil'kov, L. V.; Garni, S.; Glazier, D. I.; Gradl, W.; Gurevich, G.; Hall-Barrientos, P.; Hamilton, D.; Hornidge, D.; Howdle, D.; Huber, G. M.; Kashevarov, V. L.; Keshelashvili, I.; Kondratiev, R.; Korolija, M.; Krusche, B.; Lazarev, A.; Lisin, V.; Livingston, K.; MacGregor, I. J. D.; Mancel, J.; Manley, D. M.; Martel, P. P.; McNicoll, E. F.; Meyer, W.; Middleton, D.; Miskimen, R.; Mushkarenkov, A.; Nefkens, B. M. K.; Neganov, A.; Nikolaev, A.; Oberle, M.; Ostrick, M.; Ortega, H.; Ott, P.; Oussena, B.; Paudyal, D.; Pedroni, P.; Polonski, A.; Polyanski, V. V.; Prakhov, S.; Reicherz, G.; Rostomyan, T.; Sarty, Adam James, 1965-; Sikora, M. H.; Sokhoyan, V.; Steffen, O.; Strakovsky, I. I.; Strub, Th.; Supek, I.; Tiator, L.; Thomas, A.; Unverzagt, M.; Usov, Yu. A.; Watts, D. P.; Werthmüller, D.; Witthauer, L.; Wolfes, M. (Elsevier, 2015-09-14)
    Polarisation-dependent differential cross sections [sigma][subscript Tau] associated with the target asymmetry [Tau] have been measured for the reaction [gamma arrow over p] [right arrow] p[pi superscript 0] with transverse ...

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